How exactly to hookup vacum lines on 1989 ford thunderbird non supercharged

How exactly to hookup vacum lines on 1989 ford thunderbird non supercharged

Can some Dyno is seen by me sheets? -Greg

The following is a Dyno sheet from a simple 3.5psi setup (3.4″ pulley prepared). The vehicle tested had been a stock 2005 Ranger 4×4 XLT loaded with just a 2.5″ magniflow cat-back exhaust kit in addition to components supplied in the Moddbox Supercharger Installation kit utilizing a 1994 Thunderbird supercharger. No tune or any other adjustments. Note: Red line is a stock 4.0L SOHC having a K&N cold-air intake kit set up.

The following is a Dyno sheet from a 8.0psi setup (2.9″ pulley prepared). The vehicle tested had been a stock 2005 Mustang loaded with a 2.5″ magniflow cat-back exhaust kit as well as the components supplied in the Moddbox Supercharger Installation kit utilizing a 1994 Thunderbird supercharger. The car had been tuned by Lasota rushing remotely as per our Tuning handbook making use of and SCT X4 and PLX AFR gauge.

what’s the gas mileage like once supercharging? -Kevin

A fuel mileage change of +(0-1)mpg City and -(1-3)mpg Highway for stock drive-by-cable models (Ranger, Sport-Trac, Explorer) running the stock tune with only the Moddbox supercharger kit at a 3-3.5psi boost level. As a whole, gas mileage is way better however you have to run minimum 91 octane gas. On custom-tuned automobiles with boost levels 5psi and higher, the mpg can differ significantly on the basis of the tune that is particular are operating. In addition, in the event that you improve your driving practices gas mileage may suffer.

Can I buy your supercharger kit with no supercharger? -Robert

Yes. In reality, we just offer the rebuilt superchargers individually now. Because the quality of rebuilt superchargers can differ in visual quality, you want to distinguish the amazing quality of CNC produced parts in comparison to the casted areas of our big title rivals.

For the 3psi & 3.5psi pulleys, does the ecu compensate? So no significance of a tune unless you update to an increased boost? – Chuck

You might be proper. Nonetheless, this really is just relevant to all the Rangers as well as the Explorer/STs with non-electronic throttles. The stock ecu in the Ford Ranger/B4000/Explorer/Sport Trac provides sufficient fuel when it comes to lower boost so long as at

4 club (or 55psi) exists during the gas train under load. We have included a free high-flow fuel pump to ensure that a static >55psi is maintained although you can safely tune these vehicles with the stock fuel pump (even up to the higher boost levels.

If I happened to be to get my m90 that is own your kit be appropriate into the egg-shaped and also the rectangular m90? – Richard

That is right. This kit is perfect for each Thunderbird Eaton M90s involving the 1989-1995. You may be interested to understand that the 94/95 blower is really a bit more effective compared to the 89-93 when you look at the higher end. In rpms below 3000, the blowers are extremely comparable inside their effectiveness. Porting and coating rotors also can alter or increase the effectiveness when you look at the top or bottom end.

How does Moddbox suggest cooling while using the 3.5 psi pulley? You are known by me provide methanol/water injection kits, but would you provide an intercooler kit aswell? – Tom

Thank you for your concern. To begin, we do provide an intercooler kit.

In terms of our suggestion for cooling, it could be feasible that under extreme driving conditions ( very long extended towing that is heavy mountain climbs, rushing, hot/dry/low elevations, etc), greater EGT (exhaust gasoline temperatures) might be familiar with an un-tuned automobile running the 3.5psi pulley. Even though the conditions are extremely just like the stock obviously aspirated setup, the addition of cooling gear is advised to mitigate these dangers.

We have a 2003 model and my vehicle doesn’t have an exhaust gasoline re-circulation (EGR) system. May be the kit appropriate? – Joey

Yes. For automobiles which are not equipped with EGR (or if you intend to eliminate it), please mention this throughout your purchase and we’ll replace the Moddbox EGR Extension using the Moddbox Aluminum EGR Block Plate. To the knowledge, just the United States built 2003 Ford Ranger will not come along with it standard prepared. We automatically include parts for both setups if you order a 2002-2003 Ranger kit.

My truck has A/C. Will the gear contained in the kit fit my automobile? – Joey

Yes the gear shall fit. Pretty much all the 4.0L models are built with air cooling. When your model didn’t have air cooling prepared or if perhaps it had been eliminated, the gear will be too much time.

We have a 4.0 SOHC but my car model & 12 months aren’t marketed. Can be your kit appropriate to many other 4.0L SOHC machines? – Wilfred

Yes. Our kit works with other cars which are not marketed, but, we don’t guarantee 100% bolt-on compatibility. Some cars being 100% suitable include pre-2002 Ford Explorers, Ford Explorer Sport Tracs, therefore the Austrailian Ford Courier. As well as these models, the Land Rover LR3 along with other 4.0L SOHC models could be suitable for minor alterations (typically cleaner lines and electric connections).

Listed here are a photos that are few the many 4.0L SOHC models and records regarding their compatibility:

The next motor photo is 100% Bolt-on compatible to 1 of y our kits. This setup can be located on Rangers, 2-door Explorers (some 4-door Explorers in the USA), and pre-2006 Ford Explorer Sport Tracs.

The following motor photo is 100% Bolt-on compatible to at least one of y our kits. This setup is found all 2002+ 4-door Explorers, and 2007+ Ford Explorer Sport Tracs (minor variants including drive by cable or electronic throttle).

This setup are obtainable on 2005-2010 Ford that is 4.0L Mustangs. This motor arrangement is 100% appropriate.

Any motor that appears like the after picture is suitable. We now have verified our kit is appropriate and lots of of y our clients have previously installed our item effectively. You shall demand a throttle human anatomy off a Ford Ranger (4.0L 2002-2011). We try not to market this compatibility, nevertheless, just about everyone has the right components instock so we can set them up for you personally. This setup are found on different Gen II Explorer models between 1997-2003.

This is actually the 4.0L V6 Ford Courier. Since we have not had access to one although we have had several customers purchase and install these without incident, we do not advertise or provide installation details.

Finally, there was the Land Rover LR3. We’ve verified our kit works with with this specific automobile, nonetheless, our kit has yet become set up using one among these models.

In the event your motor bay appears like the after picture, you’ve got the 4.0L OHV. This motor just isn’t suitable and now we usually do not currently offer products with this motor. This setup can be located on different Explorer and Ranger models pre-2003.

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